In the beginning of the 70s, the first filter presses, also known as yeast- or turbidity filters, were delivered mainly to wineries in Germany. Over the decades, the field of application for filter presses has been continuously extended and the technology adapted to new requirements.

SIMEX was already in those days one of the pioneers of this technique. which still today gives us a leading position for these products.

Good knowledge of our customers’ requirements from many areas, experience with over 2500 filter presses delivered and a high quality standard allow us, to give optimum advice to customers whenever solid-liquid separation and filter presses are concerned.

Today, most parts – such as metal and plastic components – are made in our own Machine Shop, located in Calw in Southern Germany. Consumables such as filter cloths are manufactured specificly for us by our long-term partners. From the Nagold valley in the black forest area, our filter presses are then delivered to countries in the whole world.


In the early days…

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