Our simplest version.


Small version for labs SMM1-150

  • Plate width 150 mm

  • 5 chambers

  • Pump, cake container

  • Total weight 30 kg



  • Dimensions 850 x 850 x 1300 mm

  • Plate width 250 x 250 mm

  • Media pressure 8 bar

  • Closing pressure 400 bar

  • Max 70 l/min

  • Modular design

  • Cake volume 7 l

  • Cake box volume 60 l

  • Total weight 82 kg

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Rock/Stone dust

Stricter environmental requirements require the proper disposal of abrasive- particles from the concrete- and stone working. Using simple sewage systems without the use of chemical flocculation they are filtered by filter presses out of the water and can be disposed of. The clean water can then be used again for grinding or cutting. Filter presses can be built for this application in all sizes, often for mobile applications.

Other mobile applications

For purposes, where small amounts of solid werden.müssen filtered out of a mud, e.g.. on construction sites for mobile use, we have a small mounted on a cart Press, complete with pump, Kuchenbehälterund hoses. For more imformation click here.